What is Kok Boru?

Kok Boru (blue wolf) is a type of an old Kyrgyz game on horses called “Ulak Tartysh”. “Ulak tartysh” has been played for as long as Kyrgyz people have lived. The only rule in the game was to make a goal “salym” with a body of a slaughtered goat into the hole called “Tay Kazan”. The game’s main goal was to teach young warriors and their horses to not be afraid in a crowd on the battlefield. Lots of things have changed since then and the game Kok Boru has branched out from Ulak Tartysh. Nowadays Kok Boru is a dynamic and spectacular one-hour game (3 periods by 20 minutes), with 12 players in each team but only 4 can play at the same time for each team. The weight of the goat is 30-35 kg. Alongside with Kok Boru, we still play Ulak Tartysh and “Torpok ulak tartysh” (Calf 70-90 kg) This style is only played during special occasions and celebrations. For example the birth of a child or buying a new house, etc.

The history of the game

Kok-Boru has its origins in the distant past. A time when men hunted to feed their families. Cattle remained under the supervision of the elders, women, and youth. Wolves often attacked livestock and caused many problems. After returning from the hunt angry men would chase after the wolves. They would pick up the running wolves from the ground and throw them to each other almost playfully. The game today requires teams to throw a sheep or goat carcass into their opponent’s well on the playing field.

Composition of the teams – 16 people: 12 players, 1 coach, 3 grooms.

Players older than 18 are allowed to take part in the competitions. The participants in the competitions are all men. Teams are allowed to participate in the competition if they consist of at least 8 players.

Each team must have 2 sets of uniforms in different colors (with protective equipment) consisting of headgear (tebetey), boots, and a kamchy (horse-whip). On the back of each participant’s jersey must be a number, which shall conform to the numbers indicated on the team roster.

If you want to feel the game in a real authentic way please feel free to reach out to us. Our staff can organize it at a high level because we are Kok Boru competitors ourselves.