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  • Cultural events
  • 01 Дек, 2023

Kyrgyz musical instruments: types, history, sound — Part 1 (Komuz and Kyl kyyak)

Komuz «This text was translated from a Kyrgyz news site — « The Kyrgyz people have used various musical instruments since ancient times. Music accompanied the Kyrgyz people in various life situations — from military campaigns and meeting guests to solemn celebrations and funerals. Komuz, kyl kyyak, dobulbas and kerney are not a complete list […]

  • Cultural events
  • 10 Сен, 2022

Kyrgyz women’s headwear — where the centuries-old philosophy

Elechek An integral part of the women’s costume was a headdress made of white fabric, wound around the head and with its majestic appearance somewhat reminiscent of a crown. In Kyrgyzstan, it is called «elechek». Only married women wore it. The national costumes of the northern Kyrgyz are significantly different from those of the south. […]

  • Cultural events
  • 09 Апр, 2022

Golden Eagle Hunting is in the Blood of Nomads

The Tradition of Hunting with Golden Eagles For more than 2,000 years, falconry and hunting with large golden eagles in countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or Mongolia is a unique modality and part of the ancient tradition.  It is said that small villages were dependent on the skill of the Berkutchi or master falconer and his […]

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