The highest waterfall in Central Asia “Shar”.

Kyrgyzstan is a country of waterfalls. Each waterfall in Kyrgyzstan should be written separately, as it is a true and unique masterpiece of a unique nature. They can be seen in almost every gorge. But the king in the central Tien Shan is Bash-Kaindy — «top of the birch». Another name for Shaar is «falling».

Many mistakenly believe that the largest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan is located in Arstanbap. But its height is about 80 meters. And Bash-Kaindy is 5 times higher than it (420 meters). You need to look for it in At-Bashi district, in the village of the same name. The best time to go here is in the summer. You can notice it from afar, from the road Naryn — Torugart in front of At-Bashi for 50 kilometers, at the entrance to the valley. From the village of Bash-Kaindy to the waterfall — 20 km. The waterfall is unknown. From the point of entry of the car (passenger car) in the gorge, to the stone bowl-circus of the waterfall, about half a day’s walk along the trail..

The waterfall reaches a height of about 400 meters, consists of several cascades, and is fully visible only two kilometers from it. The roar of falling water, near the lower cascade, drowns out the scream. Near the waterfall, the voice of the interlocutor is not heard, even if he screams. But there is no need to talk, because for an ordinary person it is almost impossible to simultaneously experience deep feelings and share them on a verbal, so to speak, level — to describe them in words. Let the words wait, their turn will come …