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The Kyrgyz people have used various musical instruments since ancient times. Music accompanied the Kyrgyz people in various life situations — from military campaigns and meeting guests to solemn celebrations and funerals.

Komuz, kyl kyyak, dobulbas and kerney are not a complete list of folk instruments that were created from easily accessible materials and were convenient to carry and transport on numerous nomadic journeys.

Komuz is an ancient Kyrgyz string instrument. It consists of two main parts: the body and the neck, along which three strings are stretched. The length of the instrument is approximately 90 centimeters, the widest part is 19.5-22.5. All parts — body, head, neck, fillet and pegs — are made of wood. In ancient times, strings were made from the intestines and veins of animals; now they use silk threads or synthetic materials. The sound quality of a komuz depends on the strings and the type of wood from which it is made.


Kyl kyyak

Kyl-kyyak is a two-stringed bowed instrument made of apricot or mulberry wood. The length is no more than 65-70 centimeters, the depth of the body cup is 3.5-5 centimeters, with a shape resembling an inverted pear cut in half.

Its half is covered with a soundboard, which is covered with tanned camel skin. A support is installed across the bottom. At the bottom in the middle of the soundboard, a piece of thin leather is stretched — kutkun (tailpiece), the edge of which is fixed at the end of the instrument.